Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday needs to be so much better..

So it's 2:30 on tueday morning and at this point I have no plans at this point to go to bed. Somehow my monday went from bad to worse, though there was a HUGE major positive that came out of it.

-I got canceled on by a friend because their friend hasn't grown up yet.

-Forgot to re-order my ambien (which I am not officially out of as of sunday night) and cannot sleep without it.

-I ended up "sleeping on the couch" (so far there has no sleep yet to be done)

-One of my good friends had emergency surgery.. thankfully he made it through. His condition is pretty serious he has cancer throughout his body (I've known this for a month). Supposed to go stay with him for a few days next week.

So now that my crappy Monday is over I'm looking forward to today. Disneyland with a friend who I haven't seen in 1 1/2 years and no sleep. I've got some credits from my chase rewards to use at disneyland if I see fit, maybe some food and a new article of clothing or something. (Food and retail therapy, some friends would be proud).

Lets hope this week turns around and I can continue to find the brighter side of things. Still hoping someone actually got a picture of me in my red dress on monday that doesnt show how unclassy I can be :)

Hope everyone has a good day, please keep my friend in your thoughts, he needs all the positive vibes going his way :)

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